Fit for fall: 8 ways to stay happy and healthy this autumn


You know how it goes. You spend all of spring and most of summer getting into beach-ready shape. And then, just as you reach your fitness goal, autumn hits and bathing suit season is over. You can breathe easy for a bit, maybe even slack a little. Hey, who doesn't?

But then, all of a sudden, it's the holidays and you start stressing (again!) about getting back into shape after too much turkey. Maybe you even make it your New Year's resolution.

But fall doesn't have to just be a time for packing on pounds that you'll resolve to shed come January. Instead, autumn can be a great season for maintaining and even boosting your fitness and health.

Here, Skye is lining up some simple tips for fall that will keep you happy and healthy and even lower your stress throughout the colder months. So this time, when New Year's hits, or next beach season rolls around, you won't have to worry about setting a “get fit by” date, because you'll already be there!

1. Apple picking

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So just imagine what an entire orchard can do for you! Apple picking is a fun way to escape to the country and get a little outdoor exercise during fall. It's fun, active, and seasonal. You'll also come home with a basket of healthy fruit for snacking.

2. Trip to the Farmer's Market

One of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon, visiting your local farmer's market is a feast for the senses and a nice excuse for a walk on a sunny day. It's also a great chance to pick up healthy, local veg for the week and check out what's in season. A delicious way to get some exercise in!

3. Dose up on vitamin D

In the fall and winter months, it's normal to get less sun. So keep your vitamin D levels up with tablets. Vitamin D has been shown to help with seasonal affective disorder, reduce risks of cancer, boost your immune system and even help weight loss to boot.

4. Swim it off

Bathing suit season's not over until you say it is. Head to an indoor pool for a few laps or even get in on an Aqua Fit class. The exercise will keep you fit, and regularly getting into your swimsuit can be a great motivator not to let things slide.

5. A colorful autumn hike

The annual changing of the leaves is one of nature's most beautiful shows. Hit the trail for a hike and marvel at the colors of the season. It'll be a treat for your eyes, and a workout for your buns.

6. De-stress with Yoga

Fall marks the start of the stressful holiday season and usually comes along with a heavier workload. Keep your mind easy and clear with regular Yoga sessions.

7. Rake the yard

Sounds simple, but any excuse to get some fresh air and exercise in fall is a good one. It can be as easy as just getting out and raking the leaves. If you're ambitious, offer to do your neighbour's yard too!

8. Keep the thermostat in the sweet zone

You may not realize it, but keeping your home too cold or too hot impacts your energy levels and overall mood. Too cold, and you're likely to experience the “hibernation effect,” upping your appetite. Too hot, and you might get dehydrated. Just right, and you'll feel hydrated and energized.

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